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All persons of real or legal identity are invited to establish their operations at SEEZ in the areas of production, import and export, transit, and other various social services. These activities encompass the followings:

  Industrial Activities Importation, production, and assembly lines of all electronic and communication parts and related industries. All manufacturing entities upon placement of application and conclusion of a contractual agreement can take measures in erecting their manufacturing sites. With authorized permission, they are also encouraged to import all necessary machinery, and tools and equipment and construction materials from in and out of country deemed pertinent in setting up their sites, afterwards the production must ensue.

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  In addition, if interested, the applicants may, upon approval of the Business & Commercial Department of SEEZ, engage solely in commercial activities by importing electronic spare parts, raw materials, and or related industries required for their particular activities. Interested applicants in the areas of test and assembly and side industries, or production and side industries or production and assembly of computers and related industries may import their needed items to produce goods to be injected to domestic and foreign markets.

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  Commercial Activities All allocated rental or purchased units in the commercial complex of the zoon can be made over to interested parties after conclusion of a contractual agreement. Activities can be in the range of import export, transit and commerce, representing agencies, and marketing of goods to prospective consumers. Importation of all produced goods at SEEZ to foreign markets and or other free zones regardless of the source of the raw materials is permissible with utmost simplicity and no customs formalities.

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