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Distinctive Legal Concessions of Investing at SEEZ
1. Possibility of investment by domestic and overseas concerns in any commercial or producing activity with no qualitative limitations.
2. Governmental guarantee of all overseas investments.
3. Free importation and non-custom duties of all machinery, spare parts, capital transportation items, and raw and building construction materials.
4. Liberty of importation / exportation of the capital invested and the derived profits from commercial activities.
5. Tax exemption up to eight years.
6. Exportation of goods made at SEEZ or intermediately foreign goods to overseas markets without undergoing general policies of import and exports.

7. Employment and utilization of foreign experts and specialists at SEEZ.
8. Permissible importations and offloading of goods for the purpose of transit activity and re-exportation.
9. Non-governmental and flexible work and employment codes.
10. Possibility of domestic and international operations by all native and foreign financial institutes.
11. Possibilities of operation by any domestic or overseas insurance companies and their respected agencies.