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Shiraz Special Economic Electronic Zone (SEEZ) was established in early 2000 at a time when the need for providing the country with much-needed material goods particularly in the areas of electronics and communications was sought. Establishing a firm foundation for the initial take-off towards the above-mentioned goal, SEEZ came into existence in Shiraz, a city strategically located in southern part of Iran, in an area about 2500 acres. Shiraz enjoys an exceptional location, and is destined to play a decisive role not only in the region but also in Iran overwhelming and promising economical future.

Regional cooperation among the ten friendly neighboring countries in the form of unimportant economic market ECO, and cooperation of fifty three members of ICO (Islamic Conference Organization) for the ideal purpose of creation a common Islamic market all serve for the necessary grounds for getting economically connected with a more than 500 million potential population regional market enables SEEZ, with its unique advantages, to offer numerous and suitable investment opportunities.